SKuared Photographic provides architectural, industrial, commercial, event, and sports photography to a wide variety of clients in the greater Mid-Atlantic region as well as across the country. Our services focus on practical solutions to our clients' needs, usage rights which work for our end users, and exceptional customer service. SKuared Photographic's owners are Shaun Kurry and Stas Kukulka; together Shaun and Stas have over fifteen years of professional photographic experience.Stas and Shaun can be best characterized as separated at birth. They are inevitably a force to be reckoned with when together, but play off of each other's creativity in order to strive the best imagery possible. The idea of the SKuared studio was a dream of many years coming to fruition. Stas and Shaun have combined there wide array of photographic specialties in order to create a true One-Stop Shop of photographic needs.